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In 2023, let “Okay, thanks” be your go-to response.

We’re not arguing.

We’re not fighting.

We’re not even debating with folks this year if discernment has shown it would be a futile effort.

High-ROI Home Upgrades to Improve Curb Appeal

I was blessed to take a couple weeks off during the holiday season. My initial desire was to travel and visit family out of state. No matter the itinerary I tried to create, nothing came together. No problem, I thought. I’ve had numerous holiday staycations through the years, so I started planning one.


On August 12, 2022, I had the honor of attending my first concert given by Lahla-Hadiya at Blues Alley Blues and Jazz Bar in Washington, DC. I knew Lahla to be a talented singer and songwriter but before this evening, I never witnessed her talent live. I was not disappointed.

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